Keeping Temporary Hospitals Sanitary

Temporary Hospital Beds

During times of medical crisis, it’s not uncommon for hospitals and other facilities to be overwhelmed with patients. The lack of proper medical sites is a particular concern in remote areas where resources are limited. In these situations, authorities may set up temporary hospitals to fill the need until the crisis is over. These “surge hospitals” can provide regular treatment, triage, and even surgery when necessary.

Proper sanitation is an essential part of operating any hospital, temporary or otherwise. Adequate restroom facilities are necessary to keep both patients and personnel comfortable and to prevent the spread of germs in a high-risk setting.


When organizing sanitation solutions for a temporary hospital, there are three primary concerns to address:

The Needs of Patients

People with limited mobility are more common in hospitals than the world at large. Patients in wheelchairs or with other mobility impairments need ADA-compliant portable toilets. Bedpans can be used for patients who cannot be moved at all, but the staff will still need an appropriate place to dispose of the waste.

The Needs of Staff

Medical teams must have proper facilities as well, and not just toilets. Doctors and nurses wash their hands almost constantly to protect themselves and others when going from patient to patient, so a temporary hospital should have a lot of hand sanitizers, portable sinks, and soap dispensers placed throughout the site. If the staff is exposed to biohazards throughout the day, shower trailers will help them avoid carrying any dangerous particles home.


Portable or otherwise, toilets and showers produce a large amount of waste and dirty water. Portable bathroom solutions around the hospital should be serviced regularly to keep everything clean and functional. Servicing includes septic tank pumping, restocking supplies like soap and toilet paper, cleaning and sanitizing each unit, and relocating toilets if necessary. A site as active as a temporary hospital will likely need sanitation services multiple times a week.

Ordering Sanitation Solutions for Temporary Hospitals

Temporary hospitals are unlikely to be as sterile as an established hospital building by default, but sometimes public officials are forced to do their best with the resources at hand. Securing portable toilet rentals, shower trailers, and other sanitation accessories will go a long way toward making a temporary medical facility as clean as it can possibly be.

ASAP Site Services has experience outfitting surge hospitals and disaster areas with comprehensive portable toilet solutions, and our network of local providers enables us to quickly and reliably serve any location in the lower 48 states. Call (888) 413-5105 or reach out online to discuss your needs for a temporary medical facility.

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