Moving Your Indoor Events Outside

move special events outdoors with outdoor tents of varying sizes.

Although we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re still a long way away from life in America returning to normal. Social distancing and avoiding crowded indoor spaces will likely remain best practices for another several months at least—which means creative solutions are required in order to host an event safely.

It’s currently unwise to hold a public gathering at an indoor event space, but if that was your plan, you don’t necessarily need to cancel. It’s possible to transition indoor events to outdoor events instead, keeping the party going without putting your guests at risk. With our various rental products and services, ASAP can help you move special events outdoors without reducing the quality of your accommodations or losing the festive spirit.

Replace Indoor Plumbing With Porta Potty Rentals

Transitioning indoor events to the outdoors means you’ll no longer have access to permanent bathroom fixtures and indoor plumbing, but with our selection of portable toilet rentals, you won’t need them. We offer single-unit porta potties, restroom trailers, and even shower trailer rentals (usually for multi-day events) that will make sure your guests are always able to take care of their needs.

Some units include sink, but you can also order separate handwashing stations or hand sanitizers to further promote public health at your event. We’ll deliver and place your rental units around your site, stock everything with supplies like soap and toilet paper, and dispose of the wastewater at a local facility when your event is over.

Tents, Tables, and Chairs

Another challenge presented by moving your indoor event outside is dealing with the weather. Sun, wind, rain, and cold temperatures can interfere with certain aspects of an event and leave guests feeling uncomfortably exposed, ruining what would otherwise be a pleasant occasion. Again, the ASAP team is here for you. We offer tent rentals in different sizes to accommodate both large and small outdoor events, starting with our 10’x10’ model and scaling up to 40’x40’ units. Tent rentals act as barriers to the elements and provide a comfortable cover underneath which guests can explore craft tables or sit down to dinner should you ever need to move your indoor event outside.

Speaking of seating, did we mention that we also provide chair and table rentals? Instead of dragging all the indoor furniture outside, if that’s even a possibility, we’ll take care of all the seating arrangements with rental furniture that’s durable enough for outdoor usage.

We only need a day’s notice to begin outfitting your event with all the equipment it needs to be a success. Indoor gatherings will be back in good time, but until then, moving special events outdoors is the safest, healthiest way to have a ball.

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