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Millennium Park, deep dish pizza, and the Sears Tower are just a few things that might come to your mind when you think about the Windy City. Even with all of the famous landmarks, architecture, and communities that make Chicago the unique city that it is, it wouldn’t be anything without its local businesses—and every local business needs waste management systems to operate successfully.

If you need garbage disposal solutions for your Chicago-based business, you can count on ASAP Site Services. We provide commercial dumpster rental in Chicago IL and its surrounding areas at a low cost. To place an order to rent a dumpster in Chicago or at your location, visit our website or call us on the phone.



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Commercial Dumpster Rentals

ASAP Site Services is the top provider of commercial front load dumpster rental in Chicago IL in a variety of sizes for your business. Get the best Chicago dumpster rental prices available. Rent a dumpster in Chicago today.

  • 2-Yard Front Load Dumpster
  • 4-Yard Front Load Dumpster
  • 6-Yard Front Load Dumpster
  • 8-Yard Front Load Dumpster


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Commercial Dumpster Rental Pricing in Chicago

By negotiating with vendors in Chicago, we can rent front load dumpsters at lower rates than our top competitors. If you decide to partner with ASAP for your commercial rental services for dumpster close to me and trash collection services, we will require a one-year contract with recurring payments every 28 days. Our average prices for each of the Chicago dumpster sizes we offer are listed here:



Dumpster Type
Average Price

You will be required to pay a one-time $75 delivery fee for each rental unit at the start of your contract. The cost of your rental services for the dumpster close to me includes one weekly garbage pickup, but if you would like your dumpster emptied more frequently, you can order additional servicing up to seven days a week for a charge.

Your prices may vary depending on your exact location within Chicago. Local landfill rates, city and environmental fees, and route density (the proximity of your business to other stops on the provider’s collection route) are some of the factors that influence pricing.

Trash collection in some areas of the city is managed by franchise haulers. If you are located in one of these areas, your total will likely be higher, as we have less freedom to negotiate with franchise providers. To obtain a personalized quote for the order that will meet your waste management needs, enter your zip code below.



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Commercial Front Load Dumpsters

Why Rent a Front Load Dumpster?

Front load dumpsters are the top choice for the majority of businesses in Chicago when it comes to garbage disposal, from auto shops to bars and restaurants to large apartment complexes. They are compact in size and conveniently fit the prongs of garbage trucks, making them easy to unload. Everyday trash, construction debris, and common recyclable materials can all be disposed of in front load dumpsters in Chicago.

Garbage Pickup

Garbage Pickup

Your garbage will be collected once per week at no additional cost, but you can order up to seven days of servicing for an extra fee per day. Your pickups will be scheduled to occur on the same days each week (for example, every Wednesday and Saturday), but you can request individual off-schedule pickups at a cost.

We do not have specific weight limits for commercial dumpsters in Chicago. However, if the garbage truck is ever unable to lift a heavy load, the provider will leave without taking your garbage and you will be charged a dry run fee. There should be no waste extending beyond the height of the bin or on the ground outside of it. If the dumpster is too full at the time of pickup, you will be charged for overfilling.


Garbage Pickup

Considerations and Precautions for Chicago Commercial Dumpster Rentals

Everyday garbage (food scraps, paper towels, packaging, etc.), otherwise known as municipal solid waste (MSW), can be disposed of in a front load dumpster. These dumpsters can also be used for the disposal of construction and demolition debris (C&D), such as metals, plastics, wood, rocks, branches, etc. Hazardous materials, flammable materials, and medical waste cannot be discarded in a front load dumpster.

You might be interested in ordering a separate 8-yard recycling dumpster in addition to your standard dumpster rental if your business produces a lot of recyclable trash, like paper or empty bottles and cans. We also offer special clean dirt and concrete dumpsters if you need to dispose of less common recyclables like manure, brick, and metal shavings. 

Before ordering commercial dumpster rentals for your Chicago location, confirm that your site has a safe and accessible placement area at least twice the size of the dumpster. A garbage truck must always be able to reach your dumpster without difficulty. If your dumpster is in an open area,  we suggest ordering a bar lock to prevent unauthorized users from accessing it after hours and a bear lock to keep animals from making a mess with your trash.

Chicago Service Areas

ASAP works alongside local providers to offer commercial dumpster rental & trash pickup services in Chicago & its surrounding areas, including:

  • Clarendon Hills
  • Buffalo Grove
  • Naperville
  • Evanston
  • Bannockburn
  • Oak Park
  • Hinsdale
  • Vernon Hills
  • Wilmette
  • Wheaton
  • Highland Park

To the best of our knowledge, all of the areas above, with the exception of Clarendon Hills and Wheaton, are managed by franchise providers. Since we have less wiggle room to negotiate with franchises, rates in these areas will be higher. If you are outside of Chicago city limits, check with your local government’s public works department to see if garbage collection in your area is overseen by a franchise company.

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Commercial Front Load Dumpsters

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Placing an order with ASAP is easy—just call us at (888) 413-5105 or fill out our online form to receive commercial front load dumpster rentals for your Chicago-based business. If you have any questions about our policies or garbage collection processes, feel free to reach out.

We pride ourselves on bringing dependable customer service and reasonable prices for commercial dumpster rentals to Chicago business owners. The Second City is first in our hearts.


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