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When you’re stuck with items that are bulky, unusual, or in too large of a quantity to throw out like standard trash, don’t just leave them sitting in your yard or garage. Rely on junk removal services to lighten your load.

“Are there cheap junk removal services near me?” You bet there are. ASAP Site Services offers highly dependable, low-cost junk removal with nationwide coverage, working with local providers to guarantee affordable pricing and prompt service anywhere in the country. Contact us by phone or through our online order form to schedule junk removal at your location today.

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Junk Removal Services

ASAP Site Services is the top provider of junk removal services nationwide. Get the best junk removal prices available. Order today.

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Standard Junk and Heavy/Dense Materials

There are different procedures and pricing for junk removal services depending on what you need hauled. For standard junk and heavy/dense materials, our policies are the same. Standard junk includes trash, boxes, cardboard, yard trimmings, wood, and other general items not mentioned in other categories, while heavy/dense materials are substances like metal, tile, gravel, cement, brick, and sod.

We’ll send representatives to your site to evaluate your junk and give you a custom price estimate, but you can look at our average junk removal prices below to get an idea of what you might pay (we’ll add a pickup fee of $95 to your rate):

standard junk removal
trash junk removal
yard waste removal
brick removal services
full truck junk removal

Full Truck

Quarter Truck Junk Removal

3/4 Truck

Half Truck Junk Removal

1/2 Truck

quarter truck junk removal

1/4 Truck

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Large Item Removal

Large items include furniture, mattresses, TVs, exercise equipment, and household appliances like washers and refrigerators. We charge $50 for each item, along with a $150 pickup fee per visit. It’s best to schedule large junk removal when you have a handful of bulky items to haul at once, as opposed to placing an order for a single item.

Per Item

Pickup Fee Per Visit

ASAP provides junk removal services for residential and commercial use

Vehicle Removal

If you have a vehicle that’s out of commission or you’re not interested in selling to another owner, ASAP can take it off your hands. Here’s our average junk removal pricing for type and size of vehicle:

vehicle removal

Car, Truck, Semi, or Heavy Equipment

vehicle removal rv trailer

RV or Trailer
Up to 12 ft - $531
Larger Vehicle - $1,480

vehicle removal boats

Up to 12 Ft - $671
Up to 20 Ft - $1,480
Larger Boat - Quote Needed

Hot Tub Removal

Our providers will disconnect your hot tub’s wiring during the removal process. We charge an average of $531.00 for hot tub junk removal services.

Hot Tub Removal Fee

old hot tub

Custom Quote Requests

For larger and more complex junk removal situations, we can arrange custom solutions that don’t fall into our typical pricing guidelines. Some of the more common specialized services we provide are cleaning out estates, large acreage and dumping sites, hoarder’s houses, and entire office buildings.

When you place your order for custom junk removal services, please describe the junk in detail and upload pictures if possible. We’ll give you an accurate price estimate before you commit to your order.

Scheduling Junk Removal

Please schedule your junk removal at least one day in advance of your preferred service date. Do your best to describe the junk you need removed and its location within your site (upstairs, outside, etc.) as specifically as possible.

Make sure your junk is safely accessible when our providers come to take it away. If our teams aren’t able to reach or remove your items for reasons beyond our control, you’ll be charged a dry run fee for their time.

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Go through our direct online ordering process or call (888) 413-5105 to schedule junk removal services at your location. If you have any questions about which type of service you should order or whether you need to request a custom quote, please let us know.

ASAP is sure to offer better customer service and lower prices than other junk removal companies across the country. Whatever you need to get rid of, we’ll be glad to take it off your land and off your mind.

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