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Fresh Strap Air Fresheners

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Self-Locking 60-Day Portable Toilet Fresh Strap Air Fresheners
The Most Powerful and Popular Odor Control Cabin Straps!
Our Fresh Straps are V.O.C. Compliant, loaded with fragrance and are powerful enough to freshen portable toilets, commercial restrooms and much more.

Discretely strap it to the portable toilet stack and enjoy powerful, long-lasting odor control freshness. Works up to 60 days to control odors and freshen air in portable toilets.

Once an order is placed, the shipping cost will be calculated depending on size, quantity, and location. The customer must accept the shipping cost to confirm the order. If the shipping cost is not approved, the order will be cancelled, and the customer will receive a 100% refund. All orders are shipped from Pittsburgh, PA.

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