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You’re probably used to seeing tents at music festivals, carnivals, weddings, local farmers’ markets, and other kinds of outdoor events. There’s another kind of place where tents are essential: construction sites. A good construction tent can protect workers from sun exposure during the workday and shield expensive equipment from the elements after hours. Temporary construction shelters become even more important in areas with inclement weather.

Luckily, figuring out what type of temporary construction tent your next project will need doesn’t have to be difficult. ASAP Site Services offers various sizes of construction tent enclosures across the U.S. and Canada to meet any site’s requirements, and our friendly staff are on call to walk through the ordering and delivery process with you. Read on to learn more about ASAP’s construction tents for rent and how you can make sure your next job is covered.

Construction Tent Rental Prices

Construction tents from ASAP Site Services come in a wide variety of sizes to fit most job requirements, with specific pricing for construction and seasonal use (as opposed to one-day use for special events). Below is a list of the construction tent sizes you can expect when ordering from ASAP, along with their average prices.

Dimensions Construction/Seasonal
10' x 10' $650.00
10' x 20' $800.00
10' x 30' $1,200.00
20' x 20' $1,600.00
20' x 30' $2,400.00
20' x 40' $3,200.00
20' x 50' $4,000.00
30' x 30' $3,600.00
30' x 40' $4,800.00
30' x 50' $6,000.00
40' x 40' $6,400.00

The above pricing reflects a 28-day construction tent rental period. You will also pay an additional one-time delivery fee of $195 per tent. We will automatically apply a 5% discount to construction tent rental orders of two enclosures or more.

Please note that our construction tent rental prices may vary from location to location depending on availability. To receive a personalized quote for your construction tent rental order, enter your zip code or give our staff a call—we’ll be happy to assist you.


Why Rent Temporary Enclosures for Construction Sites?

Renting tents for construction sites ensures safety for both your employees and your expensive equipment. Temporary construction structures are primarily for weather protection, keeping people and machines safe from extreme heat, rain, or snow. Construction site tents will not only save you the money you would spend on repairing or replacing damaged equipment but also a lot of time—your team won’t have to put their machines in storage overnight or drive them off-site to keep them secure.

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Beginning and Ending Your Construction Tent Rental Period

When planning your construction tent rental order, please make sure that you’ve checked with local authorities about whether or not you’ll need a permit to erect a temporary construction enclosure. Please also place your construction tent rental order one day in advance of your desired delivery date, and be sure to leave detailed instructions for our providers on where you’d like your construction tents placed on site. Whenever you’re ready for your construction tents to be picked up, call ASAP directly so we can arrange a pickup time with our local providers and begin to finalize your bill.

The price of your dumpster rentals will depend on the area in which you are located. Things like travel distance, local disposal rates, availability, city or environmental fees all have an effect on the total cost of your dirt and concrete dumpster rental services.

Order Construction Tent Rentals From ASAP Site Services

Ready to get your construction tent rental on the books? Give us a call at (888) 413-5105 or fill out our online order form to start the process. If you need help deciding how many construction tents to rent or what sizes will be suitable for your next project, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

You can’t control the weather, but you can prepare for it with the help of a temporary enclosure for your construction site. Contact us today to begin your order—we look forward to hearing from you!

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