Clean Concrete and Dirt Dumpster Rentals

Clean Concrete and Dirt Dumpster Rentals

We all know one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, but what if we told you not all waste is created (or disposed of) equally? Maybe you had some idea of that already, but it’s important to know the differences between what you can and cannot throw away in a standard roll-off dumpster when managing a construction, landscaping, or home renovation project. Concrete and dirt must be disposed of in a different manner, which is why we offer special concrete and dirt dumpster rentals for those occasions.

Generally speaking, if what you’re disposing of is municipal solid waste (MSW) (the most common type of trash and debris) or related to C&D (construction and demolition), a normal roll-off dumpster will most likely fit your needs. If your project will be producing a lot of clean waste, however, our clean concrete and dirt dumpster rentals are the best options for you. Read on to learn more about ASAP Site Services’ roll-off dumpster rentals for easy clean concrete and dirt disposal.

What Is Clean Waste?

The term “clean waste” applies to recyclable substances that are free of corrosive materials, radioactive materials, and anything combustible and thus free of heavy metals, VOC (violative organic compounds), and hazardous chemicals. Clean debris is typically inorganic material, so it will not decompose over time. Materials like manure, concrete blocks, brick, tile, driveway pavement, and similar substances are commonly disposed of in clean concrete and dirt dumpster rentals. Sharp objects like glass and metal are not considered clean waste.

clean concrete dumpster for disposing of concrete

When Should I Order Clean Dirt and Concrete Dumpster Rentals?

If you’re repaving your driveway, doing any landscaping, renovating an old brick building, or working on any projects that involve the materials listed above, you’ll need roll-off dumpster rentals for clean concrete and dirt. These materials can be recycled for things like new roads, filling potholes, leveling the ground, and other general construction projects.

One important thing to note is that each dumpster unit can only be used for one specific type of material. If you’re redoing your driveway and kitchen at once, for example, you can use one clean concrete dumpster rental for pavement and another for tile, but you cannot mix the materials together in the same unit. On the plus side, clean concrete and dirt dumpster rentals are cheaper than standard roll-off dumpster rentals, so if you do end up needing multiple, it won’t break the bank.

Clean Dumpster Rental Specs

We carry two different sizes of roll-off dumpsters for concrete and dirt. The 10-yard dumpster can hold up to 10 tons of waste and is 10ft x 8ft x 3.5ft. The 20-yard dumpster can also hold up to 10 tons and is 20ft x 8ft x 3.5ft. We recommend the 20-yard dumpster when your debris may be large, long, or in great quantities to ensure that everything fits. The 10-yard dumpster can be filled to the brim, the 20-yard dumpster can be filled up halfway but is optimal for those large or long pieces of concrete. If the contents of your dumpster exceed the 10-ton limit or extend beyond the rim when a provider arrives for hauling, they’ll be unable to take your dumpster and you will be charged a dry run fee.

The price of your dumpster rentals will depend on the area in which you are located. Things like travel distance, local disposal rates, availability, city or environmental fees all have an effect on the total cost of your dirt and concrete dumpster rental services.

dirt can be disposed of with a clean dirt dumpster

Things to Consider

Before you order your roll-off dumpster for concrete or dirt, please make sure there is a viable space at your location for delivery and placement. You need a level and accessible area in which you are permitted to place the dumpster. We recommend keeping these dumpsters away from sprinkler systems and covering the placement area with plywood to protect the surface beneath the dumpster. ASAP Site Services is not liable for any damage the dumpster placement may cause. Also, most private yards or work sites will not require a permit, but if you are using public grounds, please make sure that you contact your local government beforehand to confirm that dumpster placement is okay.

Please make sure that your clean dirt and concrete dumpster rentals are ready for pickup at the designated time. If they are not, you will be charged a dry run fee.

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ASAP Site Services is committed to providing you with top-notch customer service and a seamless rental experience. Contact us to get your rental started today!

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