basic home inspection checklist

Basic Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers


You’ve found the house of your dreams, your offer has been accepted, and now you’re ready to take the keys and make it the home you’ve always wanted, right? Well, first you should take the time to make sure there isn’t anything under the surface that will turn your dream home into the stuff of … Read more

when to replace subflooring in your home

When to Replace Subflooring in Your Home


You may not think about it often or even know it exists, but your home’s subfloor is an integral part of its construction. A subfloor, or subflooring, is the layer between the joists, your floor’s lowest layer, and the underlayment that serves as the foundation for the finished flooring you actually walk on. Subflooring provides … Read more

san diego outdoor venues

Best Outdoor Venues in San Diego


If you’re looking for paradise in the United States, San Diego is as close as you can get. This quintessential Southern California city is famous for its warm weather, palm trees, Spanish architecture, and its beautiful views of the bright blue Pacific. It’s as idyllic a place to hold an outdoor event as any. Whether … Read more

Construction porta potties.

Why Your Construction Site Needs Porta Potties


There are more than enough challenges to overcome when working on a construction project, so the last thing you should need to worry about is giving your employees easy access to a bathroom. ASAP Site Services offers premier porta potty rental solutions for construction and development projects of all kinds. Here are some of the … Read more

Winterized house.

10 Ways to Winterize Your House


Cold weather can be just as harmful to your property as it is to your person. Luckily, there are several things you can do to prepare your house for a harsh winter. We’ve put together a list of 10 tips you can follow to keep your home safe throughout the season. From securing your pipes … Read more

move special events outdoors with outdoor tents of varying sizes.

Moving Your Indoor Events Outside


Although we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re still a long way away from life in America returning to normal. Social distancing and avoiding crowded indoor spaces will likely remain best practices for another several months at least—which means creative solutions are required in order … Read more

Winterized portable toilets.

Winterizing Portable Toilets


Winterizing portable restrooms in cold climates is necessary for each unit to function as intended, as well as for ensuring the comfort and safety of anyone who might use them. When the temperature drops, you need to make sure the portable toilets at your jobsite or event space are prepared to withstand freezing temperatures. Learn … Read more

Urban Renewal Project In Progress

Urban Renewal Projects Across the Country


Urban renewal, also called urban redevelopment, is simply the state-funded act of revitalizing a decaying area of a city to increase its livability, allure, and economic stability. While they sometimes have their pitfalls, the intentions behind urban renewal projects are generally good. Done right, projects can improve a city’s potential by increasing property values, improving … Read more

Portable Storage Unit

When Do You Need Portable Storage & What to Look For?


Can’t fit your couch in your car? Have a cluttered yard? Is permanent storage too far away? No problem. Portable storage containers are an easy, affordable solution to those struggles and more. Here are some reasons why you might need to find portable storage containers for rent. Moving Moving is a drain on your energy, … Read more

Skylight Installation

How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency


Saving energy means saving money, saving the environment, and even increasing your property value. A report from the EIA puts the average monthly electric bill in the United States for 2019 at $115.49. That’s a lot of money—and a lot of power. So, you probably want to know about ways to improve energy efficiency in … Read more

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