Event Site Solutions

Event Site Solutions

When you’re having fun at an event, whether it’s a music festival, a wedding, or a backyard party, you might not notice how much work it takes to make even the smallest gathering a success. Event planners need to make a lot of arrangements to establish the event space and ensure every guest’s comfort and safety until the party’s over. If you’re planning a gathering of any size, you can rely on ASAP’s event site solutions to make the whole process as easy as possible.

ASAP Site Services rents out everything you’ll need to put on a fantastic event, including portable toilets, tents, fencing, and barricades. We guarantee dependable service in every city across the country, and our prices are sure to beat the competition no matter where you’re located. Call or place an order online to secure party rentals for your next event.

Event Portable Toilets

If your event is taking place outside, portable toilets are a must. Our event toilet rentals will make sure everyone at your event feels clean and comfortable until it’s time to go home. We’ll deliver your portable toilets to your event site on schedule, service them as often as needed, and pick them up when you’re done.

Types of Event Toilets

There are a few different kinds of single-unit porta potty rentals you can order for your event. Standard porta potties, which are basic stalls with just a toilet in them, are good enough for most situations—however, we recommend ordering portable sinks along with them so your guests can wash their hands. There are also event toilets with sinks built-in. If you’re throwing a large, public event, or if you know someone with a disability will be in attendance, you should order ADA handicap toilets as well.

If your event has a more formal atmosphere or you need more stalls and sinks to accommodate a large number of guests, we also rent event restroom trailers. Learn more about this type of rental below.

Standard Portable Toilet

standard portable toilet

Portable Sink

portable handwash sink and sanitizing station

ADA Handicap Toilet

ADA compliant handicap portable toilet

Portable Toilet
with Sink

portable toilet with sink

High Rise
Portable Toilet

high rise portable toilet

How Many Portable Toilets Does My Event Site Need?

To determine how many porta potties you should have at your event site, you’ll need to know how long your event will be (both how many hours in a day and how many days it will last) and have an accurate estimate of how many people you expect to attend each day. Once you have these figures, you can use the Portable Toilet Rentals Chart to find the ideal number of rental units. If you plan to serve food and drinks (especially alcohol) at your event, increase that number by 20%.

At least one in every 20 portable toilets at your event site (or 5%) should be an ADA-accessible unit. Make sure there’s an ADA toilet in every cluster of porta potties. We also recommend ordering one portable sink for every four porta potties.

Event Tent Rentals

Event tent rentals will keep your guests, seating areas, food, and any important items protected from the elements, whether it’s a rainy day or the sun is beating down on your site. Our tents are simple for our providers to install, and they can be broken down just as easily. Event tent rentals aren’t just great for parties and festivals—they also work for trade shows, craft fairs, sports games, and much more.

porta potty rentals for weddings

How Many Event Tent Rentals Do I Need?

Your site should have 10 square feet of tent space for every person you expect to attend your event. An accurate headcount will help you determine both the right sizes to order and how many tents you’ll need. For budgeting purposes, keep in mind that although tent rental prices vary by location, there will be an additional delivery fee of $195 for each tent you order.

Table and Chair Rentals

If your event is large enough to require one or more tents, chances are good you’ll need to provide seating too. You can take care of everything at once by renting folding tables and chairs from ASAP. Use these items to establish dining and catering areas or set up booths and product displays. Our folding tables are available in 4-foot and 6-foot sizes, while all chairs are standard size.

Event Restroom and Shower Trailers

Single-unit porta potties and portable sinks may not be the right choices for every event. Restroom and shower trailers have extra features that offer higher levels of comfort and cleanliness.

5-stall-trailer for showers

Event Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers are great for events that require a little more elegance: weddings, charity drives, etc. These rentals are closer to a full bathroom than a portable toilet. They have lighting, sinks, mirrors, and trash receptacles. You can rent an event restroom trailer with 2, 3, or 5 stalls.

Event Shower Trailers

If your event is in a remote area or lasts multiple days (think Burning Man or Coachella), your guests will be grateful for the chance to wash away all the grit that comes with camping out and mingling with large crowds. With shower trailer rentals, attendees can refresh themselves and enjoy each new day to the fullest. Shower trailers can have 2, 3, or 5 stalls, and they all come with curtains, towel holders, sinks and mirrors, and trash bins.

Event Fencing and Barricades

Fencing and barricade rentals are absolutely essential for organized events. Fencing will help you establish the parameters of your event site, protect it overnight, and keep guests out of restricted areas, while barricades are great for crowd control and managing the flow of traffic (both cars and people).

crowd control barrier

Types of Fencing and Barricades for Events

ASAP’s fence rental options include chain-link fences and solid fence panels. We also rent gates of different sizes so you can admit people and vehicles during the day and lock up when the event is over.

Our barricade rentals include crowd control barriers that will help you establish places to form a line, keep foot traffic moving, and prevent jamming at entry points or food stands. You can use traffic barrels to guide the flow of vehicular traffic on the way to your event or establish a makeshift parking lot.

Construction Portable Storage

ASAP offers affordable portable storage units in a range of sizes. Although this offering is more commonly used by homeowners, construction sites can benefit from portable storage as well.


Uses for Portable Storage on Construction Sites

Renting portable storage for your jobsite is a great way to keep your tools, equipment, and other resources safe. Most construction jobs aren’t completed in one night, and some require the use of heavy machinery. Transporting this equipment to and from your jobsite every day is a hassle—with construction portable storage, you can lock up your most essential items and leave them at your site without having to worry about theft, tampering, or exposure to bad weather.

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