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Curbside Collection FAQ

What is automated collection service?

Automated collection service consists of specially-designed wheeled roll carts and automated collection vehicles with mechanical arms operated by the driver in the cab of the truck.

In an automated collection system, the mechanical arm grabs, lifts, empties, and returns the container to the ground without the roll cart being touched by the driver.

What are the benefits of using roll carts for the collection of garbage and recycling?

  • Increased convenience for residents: residents no longer need to make multiple trips to the curb
  • Cleaner neighborhoods: roll carts create neater and litter-free neighborhoods
  • Increased recycling: studies show that automated garbage collection programs increase recycling rates by up to 35 percent
  • Worker safety: no need for garbage collectors to exit vehicles or to manually lift heavy containers
  • Less expensive than manual collection service.

Who will be affected by these new collection service changes?

Residents who receive solid waste collection service.

When will the new service start?

Instruction packets will be delivered with the carts that will include the date your new service will start, collection days, and directions for properly setting out the containers.

Will my collection day change?

Instruction packets will be delivered with the carts that will include the date your new service will start, collection days, and directions for properly setting out the containers.

What about yard waste? Does it go into a cart?

Yard waste will continue to be collected manually at curbside, in containers provided by customers, or in bundles and/or bags. Tree limbs and hedge clippings should not be more than 4 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter. Also, yard waste volumes cannot exceed two cubic yards or 50 pounds.

How and when will the roll carts be distributed?

Carts will be delivered before service is scheduled to begin.

What size roll carts will be provided?

The dimensions of the roll carts are approximate:

  • 96 Gallon Totter cart: 35.25” x 29.75” x 43.25”
  • By comparison, the typical 32-gallon container which most people use for manual collection is 33 inches high by 26.5 inches wide by 26.5 inches deep.

Why was the 96-gallon cart determined as the standard size for garbage?

Although some households may not regularly generate that amount of garbage, there are times (holidays, big purchases with a lot of packaging, entertaining, etc.) when residents will need the full capacity. In order to be collected, all items must fit in the roll carts.

What kinds of garbage can I put in the automated garbage cart?

All household garbage items may be placed in the cart. It is recommended that garbage items be bagged and tied first, then placed in the roll cart. This practice will keep your container cleaner and minimize odors. Do not load your container with ashes or coals, recyclable items, household hazardous chemicals or medical waste, tires, paint, or any yard waste such as bagged or loose grass, leaves or small branches.

How do I dispose of garbage that will not fit in my 96-gallon roll cart?

You can contact your Franchise Collector to request a Special Collection Service; there is a fee for this service.

Can I use my own garbage cans for automated collection?

You must use the provided roll carts for garbage and recyclables. Automated collection requires a standardized, heavy-duty container that will work with the trucks' mechanisms. Also, with the overwhelming variety available, it would be impossible to ensure the proper roll carts are being used unless they are supplied by the company.

How do I use the roll carts?

There must be at least 3 feet of clearance around the roll cart at curbside in order for the trucks to be able to pick up the roll carts. Instructions on cart use and collection days will be provided with the carts when they are delivered.

What if I want backdoor service but I do not qualify as disabled?

A fee for backdoor service may be negotiated directly.

What if the cart needs repair?

Contact us and we will repair or replace a roll cart within three days from the date of request for repair, or on your next garbage collection day.

What if my roll cart is stolen, lost, or missing?

Contact us, a Sheriff’s report will be filed, and a replacement roll cart will be delivered by the Franchise Collector within three days from the date of notification or on your next garbage collection day.

If I move, should I take my carts with me?

No. The roll carts should remain at the address they were delivered.

What do I do with my old trash cans?

Residents are encouraged to keep their old trash cans for yard waste or other household purposes. Unwanted cans can be placed curbside for collection with a note asking your service provider to take the cans.

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