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Temporary Fencing & Crowd Barricade Rentals

The larger a group of people, the more direction they need. Whether sporting events, festivals, outdoor events, or construction areas, you need a crowd control barrier. When crowds don’t know where to go—and where not to go—things get chaotic quickly. If you’re hosting a public event, managing a busy parking lot, or doing roadwork on the highway, you’ll need temporary fencing, crowd control barriers, security fencing, and traffic barricades to keep everyone moving swiftly and safely. Plus, it's an effective way to keep trespassers out.

ASAP Site Services is a national provider of fence rental and temporary barricade rental services. We have various products, from traffic barrels to temporary fence panels, available for rent at the lowest prices in any given area across the country. Call us or go through our direct online ordering process to secure a temporary fencing solution  for your next project.


Why Rent Fencing and Barricades?

Our selection of temporary fences and barricade rentals can meet any traffic or crowd control challenge, whether you’re running a musical festival or doing construction near a busy street. Temporary chain link fence rentals or fencing panels are great for establishing boundaries, like festival grounds within a public park, and for keeping people out of dangerous areas or private property, like an active construction site. Add gates and padlocks to your setup to keep unauthorized personnel out of certain areas or protect your space overnight. You can also order blackout screens to prevent prying eyes from seeing through your temporary fence installation.

Site barricades are better for traffic control, both vehicular traffic and foot traffic. Traffic barrels guide cars through makeshift parking lots or around roadwork, while strategically placed crowd control barricades help form lines and keep public event attendees moving at a steady pace instead of jamming together at an entrance point. We also sell sandbags you can pile up to create additional crowd control barriers.

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Beginning and Ending Your Rental Period

Please order your rentals at least one day in advance of your preferred delivery date to ensure availability and timely delivery. When you place your order, either online or over the phone, let us know what you plan to use your temporary fencing rental for and leave detailed instructions for placement and installation. Our local service providers will deliver your rental products and install them at your site per your instructions.

When you’re ready to have your temporary barricade rental removed from your site, please get in touch with ASAP Site Services directly. We’ll arrange pickup promptly and start finalizing your bill.

Order Fencing and Barricade Rentals Today

To rent fences and barriers for crowd control, guiding traffic, and property protection, call (866) 413-3908 or start an order online. If you have any questions about which temporary fencing panel and barricade products will be most appropriate for your public event or construction project, we’ll be happy to make recommendations.

ASAP Site Services promises high-quality barricade rentals and excellent customer service at the most affordable prices nationwide. We look forward to helping you make your next special event a success.

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