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We’ve got you covered. Just one quick call and we’ll make sure your used sharps are disposed of properly, meeting all local requirements for legal disposal, keeping you, your community, and the environment safe and clean.


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We provide quality sharps disposal solutions around the clock with 24 hour online ordering and fast delivery. Order a single container or multi-pack of sharps disposal containers, add on disposable, latex-free gloves to get everything you need to protect yourself and your family from blood borne pathogens.

Need convenient disposal of your filled containers?

Do you need a safe disposal method for used sharps? We make it simple to store and dispose of used sharps at home with low prices, free shipping, easy ordering, safety compliant containers and free disposal. Each shipment contains everything you need to dispose of used needles, lancets, auto injectors, syringes, and other sharps. When full, simply call and we’ll handle disposal of your filled sharps container. No added fees or hidden expenses.

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