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Portable Bathroom & Shower Trailer Rentals

Standard porta potties are the go-to choice for sanitation at most events and job sites, but they aren’t enough for every occasion. If your guests or employees need more than basic stalls and accessories to feel clean and comfortable, consider mobile restrooms and portable shower trailers.

ASAP Site Services has portable showers, portable restroom, camping shower, and shower trailers available for rent at the most affordable prices nationwide. We work with local provider networks across the country to offer fast, dependable delivery and sanitation services wherever our rentals are needed. Use our online form or call our phone number to order a portable shower unit and portable toilet trailers for your next event.

Portable Restroom and Shower Trailer Rental Pricing

How much does it cost to rent a portable restroom or shower trailer? As little as possible, thanks to our negotiations with vendors all over the United States. We work hard to secure rental products at low rates and pass the savings to our customers. These products include:

  • 2-Stall Restroom Trailer
    • One-day
    • Long-term
  • 3-Stall Restroom Trailer:
    • One-day
    • Long-term
  • 5-Stall Restroom Trailer:
    • One-day
    • Long-term
  • 8-10-Stall Restroom Trailer
    • One-day
    • Long-term
  • 2-, 3-, or 5-Stall Shower Trailer: Call for availability and Pricing
  • Sewage Holding Tank
  • Fresh Water Holding Tank
  • Power Generator

If you order five or more short-term portable restroom trailers, you’ll automatically receive a bulk discount. A minimum of four weeks is required for long-term portable restroom trailer rentals. Suppose you don’t have access to electricity or potable water at your site, but your guests need hot water and cold water. In that case, it will be necessary to order a power generator, water heater, fresh water holding tank, and extra gear.

The prices listed above will vary depending on your location because of availability, local disposal rates, and our providers’ travel distance to your site, among other factors. We may also charge a climate fee in certain regions from November to March. Enter your zip code to receive a personalized quote for your rental order:

Why Rent Restroom or Shower Trailers?

Portable restroom trailers are more like a full bathroom than standard porta potties, coming with features like sinks, mirrors, soap dispensers, and trash receptacles. If your guests expect more luxury, restroom trailer rentals are the way to go. They’re great for formal events like weddings, professional gatherings, and charity drives.

Where washing your hands isn’t enough to feel clean, portable shower trailer rentals come in handy. They’re common in construction areas, oil rigs, and other dirty work sites. Portable outdoor shower trailers  are also a good choice for campgrounds and events that span multiple days in a remote location, like music festivals.

Beginning and Ending Your Rental Period

Please place your rental order at least two days in advance of your preferred delivery date. If you know exactly how long you want to have your restroom or mobile shower trailers, you can preschedule your removal date too. Leave detailed placement instructions for our local providers to follow when delivering your rental units.

If you haven’t prescheduled pickup, please contact ASAP directly when you’re ready to have your rental units removed from your site. We’ll arrange their retrieval and start finalizing your bill. Please don’t call the number printed on your rentals or any other separate hauler, or we’ll assume your rental period is ongoing and continue to charge you.

Sanitation Services

Base rental prices include one weekly sanitation servicing. Our providers will pump out the tanks, clean and sanitize your rental units, restock supplies like soap and toilet paper, and relocate trailers around your site if necessary. You may order extra sanitation servicing for an additional fee per day.

Considerations and Precautions for Restroom and Shower Trailer Rentals

If you plan to place a restroom or shower trailer on public property, like a street or park, you may need a permit. Contact your local government to ensure you have any necessary documentation before ordering your rentals.

Your placement site should be well-lit and easily accessible to keep both our providers and your guests or employees safe. Remember, if your site isn’t near potable fresh water or electricity, you’ll need to order a fresh water holding tank or power generator.

If you experience any complications with your trailers, contact ASAP immediately. We’ll send a provider to assess the situation and make adjustments. ASAP is not responsible for damages to your mobile showers and portable toilet rental units or any property, private or public.

5-stall-trailer for showers

Order Portable Restroom and Shower Trailers Today

Call (866) 413-3908 or go through the online ordering process to have mobile restroom and shower unit rentals delivered to your location. We’ll answer any questions you have about restroom and mobile shower trailers, our portable bathroom rental policies, and which products are the best choices for your event or job site.

For high-quality sanitation services, portable toilet, and portable showers at low prices, rely on ASAP Site Services. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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