When and Where Will I Need Shower Trailers?

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Whether you’re managing a dirty job site or hosting an overnight event, your employees or guests need a way to stay clean. ASAP Site Services offers portable shower trailers you can rent for a plethora of events and projects. Now, you might be asking yourself what kinds of situations call for a shower trailer and whether yours is on the list. We’re here to answer those questions and offer some insight into why you need a portable shower trailer.

Dirty Job Sites

For job sites that involve a lot of dirt, dust, and grime, it goes without saying the workers will get dirty too. Sure, this comes with the territory, but offering a shower trailer in these environments allows personnel to feel more comfortable after their shifts, avoid tracking mud all over their cars and houses, and keep the more administrative areas of the project site clean. Here are some examples of dirty job sites that benefit from portable shower rentals:

  • Construction sites
  • Oil rigs
  • Waste management sites
  • Coal mines
  • Excavation sites

Overnight Events

Another scenario where portable shower trailer come in handy is an event that lasts overnight or for a prolonged amount of time. Extended events usually involve large crowds, which can be uncomfortable for everyone if attendees aren’t able to practice good hygiene. Here’s a list of events where you might want a portable shower trailer:

  • Music festivals
  • Arts festivals
  • State/county fairs
  • Company retreats


There’s nothing like spending time outdoors, but when you’re away from running water for a long time or with a ton of other people, you’ll need a way to stay clean somehow. If you manage a campsite attended by large groups, accessible shower trailers could make all the difference for your visitors. Renting a portable shower trailer instead of plumbing fixtures also gives you more options for your campground location—let your guests enjoy the remote wilderness to its fullest instead of sticking too close to town.

What Portable Showers Provide

ASAP Site Services’ portable shower trailers include towel hangers, curtains, a sink, a mirror, and lockable doors—all necessary features for high-quality showers. No matter what kind of job or event you’re planning, shower trailer rentals will improve the quality of life for everyone present. We offer trailer solutions with two, three, or five stalls, depending on how much usage you expect. Reserve your portable shower trailer rentals today so your employees or guests don’t take anything but wages or good memories home with them.

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