Why Your Construction Site Needs Porta Potties

Construction porta potties.

There are more than enough challenges to overcome when working on a construction project, so the last thing you should need to worry about is giving your employees easy access to a bathroom. ASAP Site Services offers premier porta potty rental solutions for construction and development projects of all kinds. Here are some of the main reasons why renting portable toilets for construction sites is essential.

Productivity and Morale

It doesn’t matter if you’re operating a forklift on the ground floor or hammering away under the sun 40 stories high—nature calls when nature calls, and your employees need to be able to get to the bathroom. Making toilet facilities on construction sites easily available is not only important for team morale and safety, but it boosts productivity as well.

Uncomfortable workers are unfocused workers, and unfocused workers on a construction site can lead to delays and accidents. You also don’t want your team to have to travel too far to find a bathroom. Time spent walking across the street to the nearest indoor plumbing fixtures or going up and down the elevator adds up to a lot of misspent labor hours over time.

OSHA Compliance

In a way, the importance of porta potties in construction sites can be expressed in four letters: OSHA. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires construction sites to have an appropriate number of toilet facilities for the size of the project (depending on length and how many workers will be at the site at once). OSHA may also require ADA-accessible porta potty rentals at your construction site. Complying with OSHA regulations ensures that you don’t face any fines or other government interference that could halt your project.

ASAP Construction Porta Potty Rentals

Construction jobs vary, and so will your portable toilet needs. Whether you’re working on a high-rise building in an urban setting or you’re completing a home renovation project in a residential neighborhood, ASAP Site Services has the right portable sanitation solutions to meet your demands.

Our high-rise portable toilets were made for giving your crew bathroom access on upper floors of a tall building. They’re easy to transport in a freight elevator, and on top of that, they’re equipped with wheels that allow for convenient movement from room to room and floor to floor.

If mobility is no issue, then our single stall options will be right up your alley. Our standard portable toilet options are available on a day’s notice, as are our ADA-accessible units. For sites with larger teams, you may prefer to rent multi-unit restroom trailers and shower trailers that allow workers to rinse off after a long day.

Now that you know the many reasons why your construction site needs porta potties, ASAP Site Services is ready to help you make the arrangements. Place an order for your next job by phone or online anytime.

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