ADA/Handicap Portable Toilet Rentals

ADA/Handicap Portable Toilet Rentals

Just as restrooms in public buildings usually have at least one ADA-accessible stall, public events that rely on porta potty rentals for sanitation must also provide a sufficient number of handicap-accessible toilets. ASAP Site Services offers ADA portable toilets along with our other sanitation product rentals, so you can make sure that all of your guests feel comfortable and that your event remains in full legal compliance.

When planning a public event, it is imperative to ensure that your sanitation solutions can meet the needs of every guest in attendance. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law that requires accommodations for individuals living with certain disabilities—failing to provide safe and convenient bathroom access for people with physical challenges would be considered discrimination. Contact us over the phone or fill out our online order form to rent a handicap toilet today.

Handicap Toilet Rental Pricing

ASAP offers the lowest available prices on ADA/handicap portable toilet rentals nationwide. Our average national price for an ADAP portable toilet rental unit is $299.97, but exact prices vary by zip code depending on availability, disposal rates, city and environmental fees, and our providers’ travel distance to and from your site. Enter your zip code to receive a personalized price estimate for your portable toilet rental order.

Our base price covers a rental period of 28 days and one weekly sanitation servicing. If you need to rent a handicap toilet for longer than 28 days, or you need additional service visits, your totals will be higher.

One ADA-accessible and one single use portable toilet in a park.

What Makes a Portable Toilet ADA-Compliant?

ADA requirements for portable toilets and restrooms increase the ease of use within each piece of equipment. The adjustments to a standard porta potty rental unit give someone with physical disabilities more room to move in the stall and the ability to flush and turn on the faucet with minimal force.

To comply with ADA guidelines, a handicap portable toilet rental must have an entrance with a ramp, a minimum clearance height of 32” to fit wheelchairs, doors that close with assistance from hinges or magnets, Braille labeling, and an interior large enough to complete a full 360-degree turn in a wheelchair. Pedestrian paths to handicap toilet rental units must be unobstructed and continuous.

How Many ADA Portable Toilets Should I Rent?

However many porta potty rentals you order for your event, at least 5% of them should be handicap-accessible toilets. That means one in every 20 portable toilets needs to meet all of the stipulations outlined by the ADA. Furthermore, all “clusters'' of toilets around your event site must have at least one handicap toilet rental unit. The 5% guideline doesn’t apply to construction sites or other job sites, but if any personnel are disabled, it will be necessary to rent at least one ADA portable toilet anyway.

In addition to accommodating people with disabilities, the spacious handicap-accessible toilet rentals can be utilized by families with young children who cannot use the bathroom alone. This is just an extra reason why it’s a good idea to make several ADA portable toilets available at public events.

A row of grey and blue portable toilets

Sanitation Services and Placement Considerations

The base price for each ADA portable toilet rental includes one sanitation service per week, in which we will pump out the tank, clean and sanitize the unit, restock supplies like soap and toilet paper, and relocate toilets within your site. The waste will be transported to a local wastewater facility per government regulations. You may request additional sanitation servicing, up to seven days a week, for an extra charge per day.

All porta potty rental units need to be placed in a well-lit area that is safe, level, and easily accessible. As mentioned above, any cluster of porta potties at your site must include at least one handicap toilet rental with unobstructed access. A concrete plan for meeting ADA portable toilet guidelines may be a critical factor in securing a permit to hold a public event in your city or municipality.

Handicap Accessible ADA Portable Toilet Rentals

Everyone at an event or jobsite deserves a comfortable and accessible place where they can use the bathroom regardless of any physical limitations. Providing ADA handicap toilets is a legal requirement, but more importantly, it shows your team or your guests that you care about their comfort.
Whatever type of project you’re planning, ASAP Site Services can help you make the environment more welcoming with low-cost ADA porta potty rentals. Learn more about portable handicap toilets, then rent a porta potty in your zip code when you’re ready..

What Does “ADA” Stand For?

The initialism “ADA” refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act, a law that requires accommodations for all individuals living with certain disabilities. Some examples of ADA practices include preventing employers from discriminating against people with disabilities while hiring and making sure buildings have wheelchair ramps and/or elevators. ASAP can help you remain in compliance with ADA handicap requirements where portable toilets are concerned.

How Are ADA Porta Potty Rentals Different From Standard Units?

Porta potties that meet ADA standards have extra features that make them more accessible. An ADA porta potty rental should have a ramp for entry, a minimum clearance height of 32 inches, and enough room for someone in a wheelchair to make a full 360-degree turn.
Other features that make a portable toilet ADA–compliant include doors that open and close easily and faucets that activate with minimal physical effort. Any words or signs on the unit should also be labeled with Braille. Lastly, you need to make sure your ADA porta potty rentals are placed at your site in such a way that one can follow a clear, continuous path to reach them.

Do Events and Construction Sites Have an ADA Handicap Toilet Requirement?

The ADA requires organizations that are planning an event or managing a construction project to make sure anyone on site who may have a disability is accommodated. The guidelines for each type of site are presented below.


At least one in 20 (or 5%) of the portable toilets you rent for your event site should meet ADA requirements. If your event site is large enough that you need to place different clusters of porta potties throughout to give everyone convenient access, every cluster should include at least one ADA porta potty rental.

Construction Sites

Projects that depend on physical labor are less likely to employ people with disabilities, which is why construction sites don’t have the same requirements for minimum numbers of portable handicap toilets that event sites do. Even so, if any of your employees do happen to have a disability, you should make sure there is at least one ADA porta potty available for them to use.

Order Handicap Toilet Rentals From ASAP Site Services

ASAP Site Services has extensive experience with outfitting construction sites and event sites with ADA handicap portable toilet rentals. Our expert staff is available to help you determine how many portable toilet rentals you need for your situation—call 888-413-5105 so we can discuss the details. Otherwise, you can go through our online ordering system anytime 24/7. Whenever you need to rent a handicap toilet, ASAP is ready to help.

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