Emergency Porta Potties for Disasters

Emergency Porta Potties

Responding to an emergency (or preparing for one, if it can be predicted) comes with a lot of responsibilities, challenges, and obstacles. Obviously, the main objective in these situations is to restore a reasonable quality of life as fast as possible post-disaster, providing food, water, and shelter for those affected. In addition to these basic needs, an often overlooked aspect of disaster relief is arranging proper sanitation services for all parties involved.

The loss of power, water, and other critical utilities make life difficult for those who live and work in disaster areas, as well the government employees, volunteers, and others who come to the area to help out. Without anywhere for people to use the bathroom and wash their hands, an already dire situation could grow into a public health crisis. Emergency porta potties for disasters, temporary medical facilities, and other dramatic scenarios keep unfortunate situations from becoming much worse.

ASAP Site Services serves communities all over the United States and Canada with the comprehensive sanitation services needed to adequately respond to any emergency situation. Here are some reasons why ASAP is the right choice for your disaster recovery efforts:

  • We have decades of experience with facilitating emergency porta potty rentals for disaster relief, construction and demolition projects, remote locations, and more.
  • With help from our extensive local provider network, we can usually deliver emergency porta potties to your location with one day’s notice.
  • Our wide range of solutions includes emergency porta potties, personal portable toilets, restroom trailers, shower trailers, handwashing stations, and hand sanitizers.

Disaster Relief Porta Potty Solutions

Emergency porta potties are essential in scenarios where plumbing and running water are no longer accessible. When families are displaced from their homes due to tornadoes, hurricanes, or flooding, for example, an emergency porta potty provides a safe location for them to use the restroom. By strategically placing emergency porta potties throughout the disaster site, responders can grant convenient bathroom access to a large community and mitigate the spread of contagious diseases.

Members of ASAP’s local provider teams will service your emergency porta potties at least once each week (additional servicing is available by request). We’ll pump out the tanks, meticulously clean and sanitize each unit, restock supplies such as soap and toilet paper, and relocate toilets within your site as needed. Waste will be transported to a local wastewater facility and disposed of per local government regulations.

We highly recommend creating handwashing stations around the disaster area by renting hand sanitizers and/or portable sinks. You may also rent an emergency porta potty with a built-in sink inside.

Portable Toilets During Summer
5-stall-trailer for showers

Restroom Trailers and Shower Trailers

For larger-scale operations, restroom trailers can accommodate more people at once while offering a higher level of convenience than single-unit emergency porta potties for disasters. Portable restroom trailers more closely resemble full bathrooms, with flushing toilets and urinals, sinks and soap dispensers, lighting, trash receptacles, and other features. Our restroom trailer rentals are available in units of two, three, or five stalls.

Our shower trailers provide a safe place for citizens and disaster relief workers to clean themselves. Shower accessibility promotes good hygiene, maintains cleanliness at the disaster site, and boosts morale in an unpleasant situation. Each shower trailer includes towel hangers, curtains, a sink, a mirror, and lockable doors. These units are also available in sizes of two, three, and five stalls.

Porta Potties for All Kinds of Emergencies

Our porta potties for disaster relief are suitable in situations ranging from flooding, wind damage, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, mudslides, and harsh rainstorms. They’re also instrumental to the success of pop-up medical facilities and remote areas where large numbers of healthcare workers may suddenly need to gather at once. We understand how challenging responding to these unexpected scenarios can be, and we’re committed to serving our community with the highest level of dedication to support everyone during trying times.

Some emergencies can be predicted and planned for before they reach critical levels, but that isn’t always the case. Either way, the ASAP Site Services team is ready for action. You can reach us by calling 888-413-5105 or via email at [email protected]—we will gladly help you design a plan for effective emergency porta potty solutions at your disaster site.

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