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What do construction sites, outdoor events, and disaster areas have in common? In most cases, a lack of plumbing. This problem can be remedied with a simple solution: porta john rentals. ASAP Site Services offers porta john rentals at a low cost in every corner of the United States, along with reliable service that will make sure your site always stays clean, safe, and sanitary. If you’ve been looking for a porta john rental near me, call us or go through our direct online ordering process to receive porta john rental services at your location! 

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Our Porta John Rental Products

A porta john or port a john, also called a porta potty or portable toilet is a type of toilet that does not require plumbing or permanent fixtures and can be easily transported from one site to another. Waste is collected in a tank that our service providers will regularly pump out and take to a wastewater facility near you.

We offer a variety of low-cost porta john rentals to suit different needs and preferences. These include the standard single-unit rental, flushable toilets, toilets with a sink, high-rise porta johns, and ADA-accessible portable toilets. Standard porta johns are the most affordable option, and what you’re most likely to see at the average event or construction site. High-rise porta johns are also popular at construction sites because they have detachable roofs that make them easier to load into an elevator and move to higher floors. At least one ADA-accessible unit is recommended at any event site, and more will likely be required for longer or larger events. These units ensure that all guests and employees have access to restrooms when they need them.

In addition to the porta johns themselves, we also offer accessories to enhance sanitation and security at your site. These include hand sanitizer, portable sinks, door locks, containment trays, and mobile trailers to more easily move stalls from one area to another.

Keep in mind that depending on the provider, the porta johns you rent may appear slightly different from the images shown on our site, but all of the features and functions will be the same. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best products and services at a reasonable price.

The Cost of Porta John Rentals

Porta john rental prices vary by location—rates for the same unit are likely to be different from state to state, and may even change between different neighborhoods in the same city. So check our transparent prices for porta john rentals near me. Rest assured that wherever you live and work, we’ll do our best to offer the lowest possible prices in the area.

Location-based factors that influence the cost of our porta john rentals include city fees and environmental fees imposed by the local government, the availability of rental units in the area, disposal rates at your nearest wastewater facility, and your site’s proximity to both the wastewater facility and our providers’ base of operations, to account for their travel time. When you place an order online, you’ll enter your zip code to see an estimate of the average rental prices at your location.

The base price of each porta john rental includes one weekly sanitation servicing, during which our local providers will clean and sanitize each unit, empty out the tanks, restock supplies like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and relocate stalls within your site if necessary. If you’d like your porta john rentals to be serviced more than once a week, you can order up to seven days of visits for an additional cost per day.

The Benefits of Renting Porta Johns

Porta john rentals offer safe and reliable access to sanitation in environments that would otherwise have nowhere for visitors or workers to go, like active construction sites, campgrounds, and remote job sites like landfills or golf courses. They’re also helpful for accommodating crowds when there aren’t enough indoor bathrooms to meet demand, whether you’re hosting a small gathering like a backyard wedding or a massive event like a music festival.

ASAP’s rental service is a benefit in itself. Our process is quick and easy—you get what you need when you need it, with no hassle for the planner who’s just trying to get things done. Our commitment to affordability might be our most unique feature—we aim to have the lowest prices at any given place in the country so you can set up the perfect site without breaking the bank. We’re as up-front about our prices as we can be to make budgeting easier.

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