Is Your Placement Site Secure?

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When you order portable toilets and dumpsters, you can’t put them just anywhere. For one, you’ll probably need a permit from your city or county to place them on any public property, but even if your rentals will be on private land, you have to be careful about exactly where they go.

Before you request a roll-off dumpster or porta potties for a construction site, event space, or even your own home, make sure there are areas at your location where you can place them safely and conveniently. Read on to learn more about the criteria for secure placement sites.

Placing Roll-Off Dumpsters

Dumpsters are heavy and made of metal, and they can do serious damage to fixtures and surfaces around your site if you aren’t careful. If you want to put a dumpster on your lawn or in your backyard, make sure you don’t set it on top of sprinklers or any other objects that could break under its weight.

Even if the area is clear, your dumpster rental could still cause harm to the ground itself. We recommend getting a few 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood to put between the dumpster and any surface it will rest on, preventing damage to your grass, driveway, and other nearby pavement. You don’t want to have to repave your driveway, but you especially don’t want to mess with a public street or sidewalk—that could get you into trouble with the city or county.

Most importantly, your roll-off dumpster placement site needs to have enough space for the dumpster itself and to facilitate easy pickup and removal. The ideal site can accommodate double the width and height of the dimensions of your rental unit. Don’t forget to leave at least 10 feet of clearance space for the door that opens in the rear of the dumpster.

Placing Portable Toilets

Just like sites for dumpsters, your portable toilet placement areas should be easily accessible for delivery, removal, and servicing. The providers who service your rentals once or more each week need some wiggle room to move the units around and carry equipment in and out of your site.

The rules and regulations demand that your portable potties are safe and accessible for your guests and employees as well. Since people may use these facilities at night, for events that go into the evening, it’s important to place them in a well-lit area. Your portable toilets also have to be on level ground, preferably against a fence or another sturdy structure, to reduce the risk of them falling over.

ASAP Can Help

For more information about placing roll-off dumpsters and portable toilet rental according to regulations, call ASAP Site Services at (888) 413-5105. We’ll answer any questions you have and guide you through the ordering process when you’re ready. We look forward to supplying your project or event with safe, affordable sanitation solutions.

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